And if it's time to make decisions ...

You ask yourself questions, have you come to a turning point in your life and you don’t know what direction to take? This tool can help you to develop personally, to know you better and to optimize your potentials …

For who?

To tell the truth for everyone! This tool can answer all kinds of questions, whatever your professional situation, relationship... Whatever your age and the questions you ask yourself about your life, your health, your strengths and your weaknesses, your career... The possibilities are endless. Whatever the question, we can find an answer, a solution and also the right timing to make important decisions.

how does it happen?

At first you will have to order your consultation by contacting me. The price for it is 248 €. Then you will have to tell me your date and time of birth as well as matters or questions that you would like to see addressed during this consultation. We then agree to an appointment by videoconference and voila.

The tool

Don’t panic … Relax and drink a little tea or coffee while letting me do the work. All information on this image certainly seems to you to be Chinese. And that’s normal, it is. From your date and time of birth, I will be able to decode all the indications contained in this chart to answer all your questions. Do not be impressed by this, what matters is the relevance and accuracy of the answers.