Annual Feng Shui Afflictions for 2020

Tai Sui 太歲 Grand Duke Jupiter in North 2 In 2020 Grand Duke Jupiter resides in the North 2, do not disturb this sector at the risk of activating the unfavorable energies of this star that cause bad luck, loss, disease and misfortune. Avoid digging, cutting and renovating in this area. It is advisable when […]

The annual Flying Stars 玄空飛星 for 2020

Every year in Feng Shui, the annual flying Stars change location around February 4, according to the Chinese solar calendar. Throughout the 12 months of the year of the Metal Rat Geng Zi 庚子 2020, there will be 4 sectors within your home or work place that will be affected by unfavorable energies and others that […]