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Activation for Health or legal issues in September

Need a boost for your health or legal problems?

Do you want a boost to recover or are you entangled in legal problems? In this case this activation is for you!

This month, the month of the Water Rooster – Gui You 癸酉from September 8th to October 7th 2019 you will have to activate the South  (丙午丁 between 157.5 ° and 302.5 ° on a compass). Be specific and use a compass or smartphone to be sure to activate in these 45 °. 

How to activate, will you ask me! Don't worry it's not that difficult, just follow the instructions below ...

Between September 8th and October 7th, precisely in the 45°, you will have to renovate or dig in the area. Note that simple painting work is not enough, it is best to be in contact with the earth. For example, you could repair a crack in a wall by enlarging it a little and then restoring it … Alternatively, if you have a garden you can dig a hole in the 45° of the South and then cover it again. The goal here is to « disturb » the earth in order to activate the favorable energies that will then bring you their support. I trust your creativity to find the ideal solution for you.

You must activate on a day with which you are not in conflict!

How do you know if your Chinese sign is in conflict with the day?


on a Rat 子 day the Horse 午 is in conflict

on a Ox 丑 day the Sheep 未 is in conflict

on a Tiger 寅 day the Monkey 申 is in conflict

on a Rabbit 卯 day the Rooster 酉 is in conflict

on a Dragon 辰 day the Dog 戌 is in conflict

on a Snake 巳 day the Pig 亥 is in conflict

on a Horse 午  day the Rat 子  is in conflict

on a Sheep 未 day the Ox 丑  is in conflict

on a Monkey 申 day the Tiger 寅  is in conflict

on a Rooster 酉 day the Rabbit 卯  is in conflict

on a Dog 戌 day the Dragon 辰 is in conflict

on a Pig 亥 day the Snake 巳  is in conflict

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