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Annual Feng Shui Afflictions for 2019

Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter), Wu Wang (Five Yellow), Sui Po (Year Breaker), San Sha (3 Killings)
The afflicted areas during the year of the Earth Pig

Tai Sui 太歲 Grand Duke Jupiter in Northwest 3

Do not disturb the Grand Duke Jupiter which resides in the Northwest 3 this year, at the risk of activating the negative energy of this star which causes bad luck, loss, illness and misfortune. So do not dig, cut or renovate in this sector. At work, make sure that this area is not occupied by your office, meeting or conference room… 

Appease this affliction with the Tai Sui Plaque or a Pi Yao placed in the Northwest 3 sector. It is particularly recommended for people born in Pig, Snake, Monkey and Tiger years to carry the Tai Sui Amulet for protection.

Sui Po 歲破 Year Breaker in Southeast 3

Do not disturb the Sui Po in the Southeast 3 sector this year at the risk of extremely aggravating the bad luck brought by the Grand Duke. So avoid at all costs to renovate, to dig in that area or to activate it inadvertently with noise or light. Disrupting too much this sector could lead to serious consequences that may be much worse than those made by the Tai Sui! 

San Sha 三煞 Three Killings in the West

Do not disturb the Three Killings occupying the West sector this year. So avoid any disruptive activity in this area (particularly renovations or soil digging) or you’ll run the risk of attracting serious problems both for the home, but also for its occupants: violence, accidents, diseases, prosecution and thefts may result in serious financial and reputation losses, and other health complications. It is mainly the Monkey, Rooster and Dog-born people who will feel the effects of the San Sha more. Keep this area as quiet as possible and know that the Taoist masters advice the use of the Three Celestial Guardians to overturn the effects brought by this affliction. 

Wu Wang 五黃 Five Yellow in the Southwest

The Southwest is the worst sector of the year as the 5 Yellow star resides here, bringing bad luck to the family, especially to the middle-aged sons. Keep this area as quiet as possible and place Metal here to control this affliction. You can also opt for a bell or a copper brass or iron bowl, to submit this negative energy. Postpone any renovation of this sector to next year.

To avoid any mishaps that would result from the activation of those areas, it is better not to renovate or dig the ground in these areas. If you can not do otherwise, you will have to choose the right time to do it to reduce or counter the impact of these afflictions. Consult a professional date-selection consultant who can provide you with more personalized calculations.

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