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The annual Flying Stars 玄空飛星 for 2021

Every year in Feng Shui, the annual flying Stars change location around February 4, this year it will be on February 3rd, according to the Chinese solar calendar. Throughout the 12 months of the year of the Metal Ox Xin Chou 辛丑 2021, there will be 4 sectors within your home or work place that will be affected by unfavorable energies and others that will be occupied by more positive stars. You must first understand the effects of negative stars and know how to submit them using elementary cures. Then, be interested in the favorable stars and how to activate them.

And a little extra remark: do not put elementary cures in a negative area of your home will not pose any problems if you can avoid using it! So simply remember to spend more time in the so-called favorable areas and to avoid as much as possible the areas occupied by unfavorable stars. As we often repeat, for an energy to have an effect on you you first have to be in contact with it. This is valid for both favorable and unfavourable energies.

Star 5 in the Southeast

The Star of Bad Luck

As its name suggests, it brings bad news, bad luck, loss of money, health problems and other disasters. The yellow star 5 takes up residence in the Southeast in 2021, making this area the worst of your home. Avoid using or spending too much time in this sector, if possible, avoid this area completely. Place Metal or a salt water cure in the Southeast and remove any Fire element! Do not undertake major renovations in this area and also avoid moving large furniture. This year the people born under the sign of the Dragon and the Snake and the Gua 4 people will suffer the most from its harmful influence.

Star 1 in the South

The Celestial Gift Star

Synonymous with nobility, status and good reputation, it also represents wisdom, intelligence, thought, and emotions. The energies of this star are excellent in terms of recognition, and prosperity. If your front door is in the South sector of your home, you can expect good things this year. If your location is in the South at work, your colleagues and superiors will recognize the value of your work. If you are Gua 9 or born a Horse year, you will particularly enjoy the benefits of this star.

Star 3 in the Southwest

The Quarrelsome Star

It brings lawsuits, slander, arguments, bad luck and therefore loss of money related to these issues. It takes up residence in the Southwest. Remove any Water element from this area and use the Fire element to remedy the adverse effects of this star. Do not spend time in this area if you have any health problems related to your liver or limbs. The people born under the sign of the Goat and the Monkey and the Gua 2 people will be under its noxious influence this year.

Star 4 in the East

The Academic and Relational Star

It promotes learning, academic, university, and literary success, as well as romance and romantic relationships. If you’ve got things to learn this year, or if you have kids in school, this is the East you’ll need to use to foster learning and achieve good results. People born under the sign of the Rabbit as well as the Gua 3 people will be under its beneficial influence.

Star 6 in the Center

The Celestial Star

Synonymous with power, authority, status but also success with hard work and perseverance. It also brings sudden changes, so you can use the Center if you need those changes and especially if they are professional. Your bedroom should not be in this area this year because you might feel more alone and sad. 

Star 8 in the West

The Star of Prosperity

Synonymous with wealth, fame and happiness, as the results of your efforts and your work. The West is the area to use if you want progress in your job, better returns on your investments, or if you want to improve your reputation. People born under the sign of the Rooster, and Gua 7 people  will enjoy its benefits. 

Star 9 in the Northeast

The Multiplicative Star

It brings good news, promotions and happy events, it also represents fame, popularity and beauty. It promotes new beginnings and is also synonymous with prosperity. If you want to embark on something new or if you want to boost your finances in the long term, you will need to spend time in the Northeast in 2021. It will particularly influence people born under the sign of the Ox and the Tiger as well as the Gua 8 people.

Star 2 in the North

The Illness Star

Synonymous with health problems (and especially for older women and pregnant women), it can also bring money losses related to real estate investments. In 2021, it resides in the North. Older people, or those who already have health problems should avoid residing in this area as much as possible. If your bedroom is in the North and you cannot change it, it is advisable to place a salt water cure there or metallic objects in order to counter the harmful effects of this star. Also be sure to remove any Fire element from this area. People born under the sign of Rat as well as Gua 1 people  will be under its unfavorable influence.

Star 7 in the Northwest

The Star of Violence

Carrying volatile emotions, it causes violence, arguments, theft but also the risk of fires and injuries. If you are in a relationship, avoid using the Northwest as you risk frequent arguments and disagreements. At work, it can bring harmful competition and rivals. Remove all Earth and Metal elements in the Northwest of your home and place a Yin Water cure there. The people born under the sign of the Dog and the Pig and Gua 6 people  will be under its nocuous influence this year.

© english translation by Johann Bauer from the french version of 2021 L’année du Buffle de Métal – Agenda Feng Shui & BaZi

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